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I love the Bay Area, California. I've lived within 15 minutes of where I was born my entire life and wouldn't have it any other way.

I love my wife. If that's all I knew, that would be enough. Jehn and I have been married for over half a decade and she continues to be my best friend. Some people say that out of obligation. I celebrate in it every day. I love my dogs, even though they are the most ill-behaved animals around. If you set loose a wild boar in our home, it would cause less damage than our pups. In 2011 I became a father to my son, Royce. Instantaneous love is what comes to mind when I think of him. I love film. You can often find me shooting a little 35mm Kodak or some medium format Fuji film because getting the prints back from a photo lab reminds me of Christmas morning, and all the anticipation that goes into waiting to see what you get. I love Oregon. Why? There's too many reasons to list.

...and other things...

I am utterly obsessed with my Subaru. I'm self-diagnosed, but I believe this obsession to be untreatable. I waive at other Subaru drivers. If I’m not photographing portraits or weddings, I’m riding a bicycle. I love two wheels under my own power. I love going fast. I make fun of my wife to show her I love her. Maybe that's counter productive, but it works for us. Stress thrills me. I believe it keeps me on my toes. The reality of grace drives me. The reality of love keeps me afloat. My faith is exceptionally important to me and defines me. Professionalism and honesty are things I believe lack in the world today, so I’m trying to help them regain popularity. I hope when we talk that you’ll see that.

I love life and, as honest as you can glean it through a computer screen, I want to celebrate life with you.

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